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3i Cafe

Enjoy a cup of coffee and meet a new coworker or two. The 3i cafe is stocked with teas, beverages and espresso drinks for you to enjoy anytime of the day.

3i Gym

Your health is our priority. 3i has workout equipment readily available for you to take a moment and just focus on you.

Birthday Gift

Did you say birthday? We love to have fun, and that includes birthday celebrations! Enjoy a special gift each year from us to you.

Fast Growing Company

When joining 3i you'll be a part of a fast growing company that will impact your career. Take part on this journey to grow, learn and succeed with us.

International Culture

We're proud to have a global presence and a truly international team.

Space Made to Share

Our offices reflect our company culture. Make yourself at home with our community, openness, collaboration and sustainability.

See all the open positions at 3i.

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