Digital Marketing Associate / Specialist

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Position: Digital Marketing Specialist / Associate

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성과와 능력에 따른 스톡옵션 및 보너스 제공, 급여 인상 등으로 함께 같은 꿈을 향해 달려온 모든 팀원들에게 사업의 성과를 함께 나눌 것입니다. 저희와 함께 세상을 혁신할 인재를 모십니다.

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[What you will do]
In the E-Commerce growth team, you will have a chance to experience diverse e-Commerce and marketing approaches, new product launches and diverse seasonal promotions.
As a digital marketing associate/specialist, you will be responsible for evaluating and developing E-commerce & Digital marketing strategies, planning and executing marketing efforts to drive valuable traffic and revenues.
• Developing and executing seasonal promotions together with our Global E-commerce team.
• Bringing new products to markets with crowdfunding campaigns (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Wadiz …)
• Supporting/leading performance marketing strategy with analytics, creative ideas, monitoring and reporting across the multiple media buying platforms (Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snapchat).
• Supporting growth marketing strategy with website conversion optimization, leads generation optimization, and analyzing customers journeys.
• Monitoring competition and provide suggestions for the E-commerce activity improvement
• Collaborating with designers, content creators and other team members to strategize campaign ideas and support all initiatives.
• Light content writing, QC and A/B testing skills required
*Growth team’s primary role is reacting to the market/audience fast with the different products and strategies. Our priority would be shifted flexibly depending on the market situation and product launching schedules.

[What we expect from you]
• 1+ years working experience as a digital marketing(Media buying, crowdfunding, social shopping etc.)
• Fluent in English
• Good understanding of the global market and IT product sales
• Ability to think creatively and outside of the box to write compelling and engaging ad copy/content
• Good knowledge and experience with online marketing tools and best practices
• Well planned and meticulous executive ability
• Strong time-management skills
• Excellent problem-solving abilities along with oral and written communication skills
• Work successfully in a team environment as well as independently

[Hiring Process]
• CV Screening - 1st Interview - Assignment - 2nd Interview - Final Interview

* Employment type could be changed as per candidate's visa status.

*The hiring process can be changed by position and reference check also can be included in the process.





CV Screen


Coding Test

*The hiring process can be changed by position and reference check also can be included in the process.