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This little pod will become your personal photographer

This little pod will become your personal photographer

TL;DR: Take better selfies with the Pivo Pod: Smart Interactive Pod for $109.99, a 30% savings as of Oct. 5.

If your friends are sick of taking pictures of you, here's a nice way to give them a break.

Pivo Pod is a miniature rotating pod that acts as a robot photographer for your phone. It has an auto-tracking feature, which means you can stroll across your set (or kitchen) and the camera will follow your every move.

In the mood for a selfie? You can skip the awkward angles and selfie sticks. Pivo Pod lets you take selfies by snapping your fingers, posing, or calling out “cheese” to activate the camera remotely.

Plus, you'll be able to elevate your photos and videos using Pivo Pod’s nine "create" modes.

Into live streaming? Pivo Pod also has Restream, which allows you to broadcast directly onto Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

You'll get all of that for only $109.99 — 30% off the device's original price tag of $159.

October 08 2020

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