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3i is all about possibility and change.

Changing the way we create and communicate.

#Outrageous #Disruptive #Fearless #Straightforward #Impactful #Inclusive



3i aims to recognize diverse needs of consumers too create and communicate.


To transform the way the physical world interacts with the digital world.

Looking at the world today, it is clear that human interaction is rapidly changing. In order to address such needs, 3i aims to facilitate easier means to create and communicate, making sure it is not limited by the capabilities of the technology at hand. 


3i was built based on 3i fundamentals.


Open the door to endless possibilities


Bring these ideas to life


Encourage people to do things differently with the help of our products


A smart Pod that turns any smartphone into a personal camera operator. Pivo empowers creative individuals, working professionals, and enterprises to capture, create, and share experiences. 

Beamo is an enterprise-grade digital twin solution. Beamo Suite provides solutions across various enterprises and is tailored for mission-critical sites.

Vertical integration of hardware, software, data and algorithm.

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