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3i and NTT Bizlink signed an MOU for the Research and Development of Digital Twin Service


- On February 6, 3i and NTT Bizlink of Japan signed an R&D MOU for the development of advanced digital twin services for intelligent enterprise management.
- Functional upgrades and performance enhancements of ‘Beamo’, a 3D digital twin solution, made it possible to efficiently operate and manage the workspace.

[February 27 2023, Seoul] –3i, a company of metaverse technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) announced that they had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on joint research and development projects with NTT Bizlink on the 6th, for the development of an advanced digital twin service for intelligent enterprise management.

In 2021, 3i signed a distribution and supply contract with NTT Bizlink, a subsidiary of NTT Communications, for corporate facility management service 'Beamo' based on digital twin technology, expanding its business to the Japanese market. Beamo is a 3D digital twin solution that enables facilities and construction managers to create, manage, and navigate immersive digital twins of buildings more easily and quickly, using their existing 360-degree cameras and smartphones.

Through this business agreement, the two companies will carry out a joint R&D project for the development of advanced digital twin services. 3i plans to advance digital twin-based space creation technology and design and develop service platforms. When NTT Bizlink determines the specifications of security requirements for the service platform, it plans to develop security elements for the service platform that reflect the requirements and diversify hardware tools that collect data to support efficient management and operation.

NTT Bizlink is a comprehensive ICT outsourcing company in Japan, providing video communication collaboration solutions and data center integration solutions. Through this joint R&D with 3i, they plan to continuously conduct local tests and create business opportunities based on the definition of local UX/UI templates.

Takeshi Kazami, CEO of NTT Bizlink, said, “NTT Bizlink provides efficient solutions that reflect the needs of enterprise customers through joint research and development on digital twin services with 3i, thereby optimizing work space and improving productivity. and expand local business opportunities in Japan.”

“3i, as a metaverse technology company, is very honored to have signed an R&D MOU with NTT Bizlink to provide improved digital twin services,” said Ken Kim, CEO of 3i. “We plan to further target the global market by advancing Beamo, our corporate facility management service, and further expanding the business areas to which it can be applied.”, he added.

About 3i,
Established in 2017, 3i Co., Ltd( is a platform business that connects Pivo('s Smart Pod hardware and applications as its main business. It also has Beamo(, a solution for businesses that remotely manages industrial sites and facilities by reconstructing them into a digital space. It has related technologies such as AI so that anyone can easily and better utilize the experience of the real world in the digital world by using leading technology to capture, share, and collaborate with real content and information in the digital space.

3i has a vision to become a platform that connects people to people at a time when everything in everyday life is digitalized and has a mission to support smooth interaction between the real world and the digital world. Based on the growth of hardware and software, it plans to focus on supplying SDK to various developers in the future. 3i aims to provide a variety of pleasures by integrating into consumers' homes, offices, and industries.

About NTT Bizlink
NTT Bizlink inc( was established in 2001 to provide data center related services to enterprise customers. Since then, it has developed into a comprehensive ICT outsourcing business that meets the cloud and customer outsourcing needs through the convergence of multilateral video conferencing services and other technologies. Utilizing the data center and video conferencing operation capabilities accumulated since its establishment, it is expanding its business area into a new field of communication and collaboration solutions and data center integrated solutions.

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