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3i Inc. is targeting the Saudi market with its digital twin platform


3i Inc. participated in the Korea-Saudi Investment Forum held on the 22nd and introduced the 360-degree photo-based digital twin solution Beamo. This event was held in the form of IR presentations by 10 domestic ventures and startups selected by Korea Venture Investment, and 3i Inc. was the fist among the six companies to introduce the company and present digital twin products in the Tech & AI section. 3i Inc. plans to explore business opportunities in the Saudi market through collaboration with leading companies such as ARAMCO Ventures and STC(Saudi Telecommunications Company).

3i Inc, a hardware and software development company headquartered in Seoul, has a wide range of solutions targeting customers ranging from consumer to enterprise. At this Korea-Saudi Investment Forum, 3i introduced the enterprise-level digital twin solution, Beamo, and explained how the solution can be applied to the Saudi construction market.

"We have already introduced Beamo from domestic medium and large construction companies and are using it in the field," said CEO Kim Ken of 3i Inc. "We will achieve results so that our digital twin solutions can be used not only in Korea but also in overseas construction sites."

2023년 10월 17일 오전 3:00:00

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