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When Tradition meets Technology: Pivo joins FEI as Official Training Technology Partner


The Silicon Valley-based company, Pivo Inc., known for its AI-powered smartphone mount facilitating hands-free motion tracked videos, has recently become the Official FEI Training Technology Partner. Their Pivo Pod, an AI-driven smartphone mount and performance tracking tool, is favored by equestrians globally for improving riding skills. The company's CEO, Ken Kim, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting Pivo's evolution from a versatile product to a specialized solution for the equestrian community.

Pivo's success is attributed to user feedback, shaping their product line specifically for equestrians. The AI mount and software detect and track horse and rider movements, enabling precise video capture. This technology allows for photo capture, video training, and even remote coaching via video calls. The FEI recognizes Pivo's commitment to enhancing the equestrian experience through accessible, user-friendly, and innovative technology.

The company's collaboration with FEI showcases the harmonious blend of tradition and technology, marking a new phase in commercial partnerships. Pivo aims to continue its growth by engaging more deeply with the equestrian community, considering the integration of skilled equestrians into their team for future innovations.

2023년 8월 17일 오전 3:00:00

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