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Vision & Mission


We enable everyone to capture and share spaces and communicate to get over imagination gap using 360 and 3D immersive media.


We develop  technology, software and hardware to democratize VR.


- Mobile image stitching : HDR 8K stitching on the fly

- 3D Reconstruction from single 360 image using (AI)

- 3D floorplan genration from 2D scanned layout (AI)


- ROTO : a bluetooth enabled rotator controlled by your smartphone (crowdfunding 2018)

- ROTO Pro : an app controlled motorized rotator for mirroless/dslr to capture high quality 360 images with less time, easy workflow, automated image stitching (R&D - expected 2019)


-ROTO-live : facetracking broadcasting app(ios / android)

-ROTO-360 : 360 image capture app(ios / android)

-ROTO-360 pro : app/cloud to capture high quality 360 images with less time, easy workflow, automated image stitching (R&D - expected 2019)

We start crowdfudning for ROTO soon. Get more info.

Infinity-Loop2x.png Who we are?

Founded in 2016

3i is a global engineering company based in Daegu, South Korea. The founder - JW and Ken has vision to develop most affordable yet high quality 360 capture device using smartphone owned by almost everyone in order to democratize space visualization and VR. First prototype was made in 2016 and later company founded  after getting seed fund from Samsung Ventures.

The company also received series A from enlight VC in 2017 after launching first version and second version of rotator and app for Korean real estate agents. It is planning to launch 3rd model, which has been re-built from scratch to target both video creators and real estate agents.

Born to grow global

3i consist of 30 brilliant people, 70% engineers, 40% masters degree, 40% foreign born - strong expertise in both software and hardware , speaking more than 10 different languages - including native chinese, japanese, spanish, russian, french, vietnamese, indonesian, uzbek, english and korean.

Tried and Proven

We have tested our software , hardware and support more than a year in Korean market and are going to deliver new version to global customers.

Build future together!

We are looking for the partners and resellers of our product. Or if you have other idea to integrate roto to your app?= No problem, we provide free sdk. We can co-promote your app and out hardware.

Do you want to know more? Contact us.